DPB Communications, LLC

About Us

David P, Berman has been at the forefront of content distribution throughout his distinguished career in media. He has served as Managing Director of CBS Sports Europe, was a founding executive at CBS Broadcast International, lead the sales effort at PanAmSat (since acquired by Intelsat), headed Inmarsat's foray into the world of airline connectivity, work with entrepreneurs to raise capital and launch companies like SmartJog, Major League Gaming and Ultimate Pros.

During that time he has won an Emmy for sports television, brought the CBS Evening News to France and Japan, headed the joint venture between CBS and China Central Television, ran the CBS/BBC co-production for the commercial and critical hit series "Reaching For The Skies", served as Exec in Charge of Production for the CBS/MGM remake of "The Twilight Zone", secured the first Type One Carrier License in Japan ever granted to a US Company, leased capacity to NHK, CNN, CBS, NBC, BBC, ESPN and many others to create their global networks, played a significant role in bringing foreign language channels to the US and works with professional athletes to create, manage and monetize their personal digital brand!

DPB Communications works with other experts in the fields of technology, law, finance and regulatory as required to provide our clients with the complete answers to the questions asked.  From real rocket scientists and computer programmers to attorneys, government officials and financial people, we assemble a team as required to solve the problem.