DPB Communications, LLC

A full service consultancy that gives you the data you need to make important decisions


  • Advise on best spacecraft to be on for the intended purpose
  • Provide detailed market knowledge on pricing and terms
  • Negotiate transponder leases
  • Negotiate DTH agreements

  • Should you be in Flash, Quick Time, Adaptive Streaming
  • How much should it cost?
  • What are the economics of internet distribution
  • What do you do about language
  • How can you track it?  Does watermarking work?
  • Should you do it yourself or hire someone

  • Finding the right partner to make your show
  • What medium do we create it on
  • Are line standards still important
  • Is film right for this project
  • What do we do about sound tracks
  • Meta Data, as produced scripts, M&E tracks
  • Reporting requirements
  • Work with channel/content provider to find carriage in the required territory
  • Advise on carriage business terms
  • Advise on technical requirements for distribution in the territory
  • Advise on rights issues plus the numerous complications of language, dubbing, sub-titling and music clearance

  • How do you distribute content to mobile devices
  • Hundreds of phones and different technologies--how do we serve them all?
  • How do we get paid?
  • Where do we insert?

Social Networking
  • Creating an audience for your content before it gets there
  • Creating and Managing a fan club for your content
  • Your own page, facebook, MySpace, Twitter--how to manage an effective social presence

  • Advise on various technical solutions to connect the passenger to the internet
  • Email, SMS, Blackberry
  • Is it commercially viable?
  • Does the provider understand the aircraft specific issues
  • STC's, weight, who does tech support to the passenger in seat 6B